Monday, 22 November 2010

American Music Awards

The stars all stepped out last night to attend the American Music Awards and here is my verdict on the best (and one of the worst) dresses of the night! First up, Katy Perry (or do we call her Katy Brand now?) in this cute Brian Atwood dress, I really like this very girly and glamorous look on her much better than her kooky 'everyone look at me' dresses.  Next up, Rihanna, I really love this Elie Saab Haute Couture dress she is wearing, but, again, isn't this dress a little over the top? And her red hair just blends in with it all which looks a little bit odd to me, maybe red wasn't the best colour of dress for her. Lastly but by no means least is Kesha, I really don't know what possessed her to wear a bin bag accessorised with more bin bag dangly bits, seriously, when is this girl going to get a stylist (and a half decent one) so she doesn't look like a complete mess!!