Friday, 19 November 2010

Topshop Limited Edition Dresses

Just popped onto the Topshop website and came across a new collection of limited edition dresses. I must say some are really nice but with the prices ranging from £130 to £300 I think they are very expensive! I can't help feeling they are launching this off the back of the last Kate Moss collection as that had a few limited edition items which I'm guessing sold quite well. Also, a lot of the designs I feel look like they should be in the Kate Moss collection, maybe if they were it would justify the price a little more. My favourites, I have included above, this little grey dress I think is really cute and would be great for a night out, the dark grey draped dress is beautiful but I feel I have seen re-incarnations of these before in Lipsy at a much cheaper price. The white sequined dress is a stand-out piece and is beautiful, heavy embellishment always look amazing!!