Thursday, 4 November 2010


I'm getting a little excited about blogging now so I'm giving you a double whammy! Just having a look at the collaboration between Lanvin and H&M, this seemed like a great idea but I have to say I think some of the dresses are a little pricey, they are very nice don't get me wrong but with the main bulk of H&M shoppers being students, I can't see them dropping around £100 for a dress like the one above (I personally don't think it's that special and I think you could get better elsewhere for that price). Also, this skirt is £59.99 and I don't think it's that different, I'm sure I have seen re-incarnations of this skirt in River Island for about half this price. Overall, yes there are some lovely pieces in this collection and I know people will buy into it because it is Lanvin but I'm afraid I will not be purchasing from this collection, I think I would feel too guilty about spending that much money on one item, Lanvin or not!